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Uh, hello…nobody but yuppies and frat boys use facebook. Too bad you left out the fact that friendster is now the social networking site of choice for near-middle-age gay men. So does my mom! Except my mom is black…. Like many white people, I have ditched MySpace in favor of the much cleaner and aesthetically pleasing Facebook.

MySpace has become way too gangsta for my little white self. That being said, I wonder if a day will come when white people will seek to gentrify those once-glorious social networking sites. When will we begin to move in to those sites, clean them up, and establish clean, linear profiles and push all the non-white people out?

I am sure it will happen eventually. Just give it time…. This is going to be the barely-cognizant Pope JP2 watching the breakdancing vatican homies, I know it is.. Am i to believe that only white people favor a safer, cleaner way to communicate with their friends and family?? I do believe that this is racial profiling which is absurd..

Yes, I am white but my boyfriend is black and I came accross this on a friends page so I thought I would take a look. While it is rather amusing, it is completely wrong. Life is what we choose to make it whether we are purple, blue, pink, white or black!! Facebook is like a white girl bent over with her pants down. She always wants more dick! You wanna read about something hilarious? This white kid I know moved to Vietnam without a job and barely any money.

He is blogging about his experiences there and its hilarious. You, your darky boyfriend, and the blue and pink people you mentioned should follow suit, toot sweet. In writing, more does not equal better, hear? I did go to Facebook for the first time sometime last week. I did not do much because I refuse to create an account on such a stupid site. Facebook is stupid. I actually have a facebook friend who just moved to Vietnam. He has almost no money and no current job. He is writing a blog about his experiences in Vietnam.

You should definitely check it out. I promise you will enjoy it:. But it was the economic policies of Reagan and the Clinton and Bush dynasties that produced such atrocities as the 2, square miles of strip-mining in Appalachia that have put thousands out of work, reduced the average income to the level of Mexico and forced migration to the North in search of jobs.

What was the name of that movie? Maybe thats why blogs such as this are so intoxicating. You think you get a free pass to say whats realy on your mind, but that free pass is now your ball and chain. Words are powerful; and once spoken can never be taken back.

However, I would like to point out to Mr. So stay current. Plus, the more we relax about this stuff the better we will all get along. Look at Dave Chappell, he makes fun of black, white, you name it. Cultures have ididosynchrosies and the better we understand and laugh, the better we can get along.

Example, white people like grape juice and black people like grape drink. Funny right? My advice? This white people blog is hilarious because it mostly makes fun of white people from white people. Brilliant and enlightened approach. Kudos my friend, great success to the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Facebook is just for hitting on girls. My friend recounted his experience of guys hitting on his girlfriend at a bar and on facebook.

His blog is hilarious:. It is true but all people use facebook. They have like million members, a lot of whom are black, and asian…. However, I do have this white facebook friend. He went to Vietnam with little money and no job and has been blogging about his experiences there. His blog is hilarious and he just added a new post today. Check it out:. You are hereby banned from posting on this blog. Any further activity from your IP address will result in a lawsuit.

Thank you for your compliance. It sucks. You have to join networks, which seems a little clique-ish to me. I like Myspace because anybody who wants to can talk to me. What I should be doing is grading papers, but I never have the time.

Facebook takes precedence that, of course, is a joke. Check out this post — Should give everyone a laugh in this midst of all this election and financial crisis hysteria!!! After all, a bunch of oildmen saving the planet?! What a lousy plot. White People like Me. They do. And White People like Nice Persons. And sometimes Sympathetic. These are all things that White People like. Sometimes I was Downright Nasty. But that was not fun. Being Pissed Off is not fun either.

You know how, in public speaking they teach you to picture everyone in the audience as Naked? Well I picture every one I know as they probably were as 8 Year-olds. But at 8, they still knew how to have fun and play and have an imagination. How wonderfully white of you to be so politically correct! Thank you for being the poster child for people this blog is all about! Eh, gentrification only happens when there is money involved.

Facebook is also on its way to becoming a virtual ghetto with the newer features that allow anyone to start an account. I liked it when it was exclusive to schools. Now even my parents have a facebook. I put a picture of my hamster on facebook. He is in my asshole right now, so say its cruelty, but I say its a joy.

Facebook is the shitttt. Great stuff if you wanna make money marketing shit on facebook. It does cost some money to join it though, but its well worth it. I would recommend it to anyone. It helped me make a few thousand dollars.

Not too shabby. BUT I think a big part of why facebook is SO popular is becaude its very minimalistic, unlike myspace which you can make as tacky, unapealing, and gaudy as you like. Why would anybody stay at a networking site that none of your friends go to?

There are people from high school that I spoke to a total of about three times that are my facebook friends. I am collecting them like loose change! So, if I stay on MySpace with a minimun of irony what am I? Less than white? A conscientious rejector? A liberale? I have a MySpace account, but then some of my friends closed theirs and went to Facebook, so I had to open one of those, too.

All white women have at least one skirt that is made so that it appears to have been printed on by a potato dipped in paint. This is to give white people an easy segway into talking about the situation in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and other African countries. They do this so they can raise awareness to the struggles of third world countries, and also so they can discuss their shared desire of wanting to make a difference in the world today. Facebook is for white people awight; not the brightest group of people around.

When used, the facebook privacy settings are great. People are ususally too quick to approve any friend request that comes down the pike. I have my privacy setting set up for different groups of friends. I just hate that people can design their own pages, and usually, the designs SUCK.

I hate having music blasted at me when I least expect it and with facebook, everything is consistent and much easier on the eyes. How immature and stupid. I find it hysterical. Because we ALL know that facebook is for white people only…Whoever wrote all this shit is a fucking idiot. Theyre stating all the shit white people like that other races enjoy as well….

OMG that is true! This is like having my own White People sponsor, who points out things about myself that I am in denial about. The reason Facebook sucks is because you lose your soul to a screen that outputs ultraviolet light in exchange for your reality. Read more at tommyzor. The link on the facebook quiz takes you to test how white you are, then an IQ test follows which leads to requesting you cell phone number to send you the answer.

I actually clicked on your sponsored links to support what you are doing, because I felt it was the white thing to do. Now I feel kinda shitty because some poor bastard who pays the bill for the number I entered is fucked. Of course other groups of people like it, white American culture is pervasive all over the world. The author of this blog is an anthropologist studying strange behaviours of an indigenous tribe and trying to draw conclusions about why they do these things.

Of course the tribe in the next village might do the same thing, but not necessarily for the same reason. Boy, are you on target with this one. I have long complained about the elitism of Facebook, and how it reminds me of the gated communities where you have to swipe a card to enter, and the homeowners association controls who gets in i. At least Myspace allows you to design your own site, upload your music and films, and write a blog—i.

But I still hate that site. At what point does the shade become non-white? Are freckles acceptable? Why is this website almost always off the mark? Oh, it must be humor…….. I am a lil ol white girl from Vermont one of the whitest states in the country and I laughed my ass off!

I am guilty as charged of digging a vast majority of what is listed, however, I do not necessarily think that it need pertain to any particular cultural group. The writers forgot to mention that it is all the rage for white people to dig Leonard Cohen a general conversation with a young…and yes I hate to say it generally white L Cohen lover will go as follows….

Its really heavy. I digress.. You can joke about hipsters or white people or say that you dont use facebook or like coffee. In reality by expressing your displeasure you are fitting the mold of the pain in the ass hipster that you try so hard to avoid being…. I read it and laughed at myself. I think everyone just needs to smoke a little grass and chill the f out and learn to laugh about it instead of acting all offended by silly yet insightful truth.

Anyone over the age of 13 who spends more than 2 minutes a month on Facebook or MySpace needs to get a life. And taste in music, food, and companionship. Does this upset the writer of this blog? Seriously, he seems more self-conscious about his own whiteness than the people that he attempts to mock on his blog.

That was completely racist and inappropriate to say the least. Your comment is reflective of your ignorance! Gee, and all this time I thought this was a safe place to go for insecure white people who had not real friends, even on social media, no taste in music and no sense of humor….? Now where will I go?

Happy everyone! Real racist comments suck, get over yourself and shape up! Love you! Isnt the application you created for facebook kind of a paradox, Im afraid its going to destroy the universe. Facebook is SO last year. When facebook started, one had to be affiliated with a select group of colleges and universities. Now anyone can get on. The writer is from Ontario. Haha, this is so true about facebook. In fact i was just commenting yesterday on my blog about facebook.

When I first joined facebook, I quickly looked up this girl I knew in elementary school that made my life suck. It felt quite great when I found her profile and realized that in the 14 years since then, she ended up quite obese, short, and never did anything past highschool.

I just made a Facebook just so I could see who tries to ad me. Kind of my way of turning it around on the nosey people. Is it only when you quote that statement that it cracks you up, or when it was stated in the article? Anyone know where I can get a Fat chick for a dance and shes really fat? F-Facebook and its read headed step child Myspace. The article should have also mentioned how international people are more likely to use facebook as opposed to myspace.

It makes it that much whiter and cooler. White power! You are a moron. Its obvious to me that you are just a racist. Tell mommy to get you your bottle! I dont think any of this stuff is meant to be taken seriously. Maybe you should do that one when you run out of things white people like. I think it would be hilarious as well. Yes, I love Facebook precisely for the fact it is the only place on earth you can see photographs of white people socializing amongst themselves.

I am so tired of the fiction portrayed in advertising and network television of every social unit consisting of equal parts black, white, mulatto, mestizo, and Asian I could puke. There is no diversity on Univision — check it out. The only appealing aspect of Hispanic colonization.

Back to Facebook: I want to see the unparalleled cuteness of white kids. I want to see the family resemblance between parent and offspring. My dear friend, you really should get out more! Here in New Orleans and South Louisiana we not only have black folks on facebook we have them face to face!

In fact, one of my very good friends has a face as white as milk, but her daddy is as black as midnight. Private, quick, courteous service. If this is your first time using service please email mikeymoscow gmail. I agree. I hate facebook too. I thought I was the only one. Screw these social networks. People like to have a profile with a little blurb about themselves.

It makes them feel important. This is the best delivery service I have ever used. Great quality, fairly priced, and courteous service. But when it gets too dark, whites will leave it for something whiter. Just like people like putting their opinion out on public message boards, just to feel important.

To me a phone is not real interaction either. You are not face to face. You are listening to a voice. Communication is communication, why is one form better then the other. At least your family is staying connected… right? Facebook is out because it became as open as MySpace. This invariably let a bunch of colored people and the wrong kind of white folk into what used to be an exclusively college affair. While few would admit it, white people are as tolerant in so much as their neighbor or friend is an Uncle Tom and knows how to behave and present himself in polite white society.

Facebook should give me the option to blanket ignore those post opening to high school students in I think hookah and henna should be added. I think my only issue with social networking sites are the vast amount of people who join for no other reason than to promote and push things.

I tell them if all they have to say is hype then they should go learn marketing and stop badgering people on Facebook. Leave me alone. Message me to say hi, chat about life, shoot the breeze, catch up, etc…if your only intention of joining a social network is to promote goods, services, or events, then get a clue and stay away.

Then get with the program!! You guys NEED your money. Waste it on me instead. Thanks so much! You thought it. I know you did. Stop lying. I knew it. I highly recommend checking it out here:. Facebook…so true…even truer for white people…. Trends go fly fast…and I learned twitter is so 2 months ago. How come social networking sites are popular in Russia? Probably the same way distant radio schooling is in the rural Australian outback. Online forums are suspicious of any Eastern European IP addresses: they could be 1.

Spam mail bot servers, 2. Barbara, the cities in Sou. Does he know affluent whites want to chase them out through a program called gentrification? Facebook is even more popular for Asians be it Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese or Thais like you said from a cultural perspective of social networking in Asian countries. Sheesh, the internet is taken so seriously where we all want to sit back, wind down, let loose and have fun. They are more P-C than the most liberal part of America…and kept a whole lot of pre-American revolutionary political structure.

Is this what dopey white people do? No thats usually not what its like. At least with all my white friends they only update if their doing something worthwhile. And many just put whats on their mind in the box kinda a food for thought type thing that gets people commenting and talking.

What you just described is the person every white person blocks because of that annoying shit. LiveJournal is the originals, the social network site had its 10th anniversary. Food for the thoughts: which is better human flatulence or swine flatulence? Exit Facebook and enter Twitter.

The song changes but the singer stays the same. I love hearing people talk about being social media gurus now. I think that means more people they have no connection with ignore what they say online. I think Myspace has a more down to earth atmoshpere. I just back from china. Hello everybody, I am the asshole using enigmas name to type ignorant nonsense. If you happen to see enigmas name talking garbage, just disregard it. I am a dumbass, needle dick bitch with no life using other peoples name in vain.

I apologize to all. This is because their friends now leave too many typed notes about random, pointless, stupid things, everyday, all day, in cyberspace, on thier phone, etc. The people who really care spend hours, even days, attempting to write the most heartfelt message so that, years later, I can look back and be proud of my past.

Embrace it! Miss a few grammar classes did you…? Well as luck would have it for you, cyberspace has ready-made spell check for them:. This is because FB has reached saturation, too many people have accounts and is becoming slightly crass. Had me in stitches! Funny blog though. How about white people like to name their Facebook picture albums stupid crap…ugghh, I dont have the energy to find examples. I took a whole hour to read most of the blog, keep it up and make us laugh.

Facebook can be boring and unmoving, how about making real life friends in places where people go for fun? Ahahaha, so true. I love the analogy and comparison about the migration of white people in neighbourhoods. I do not have a facebook and have trouble meeting people who share my choice, and that is the way it should be.

WTF is up with that picture? That white girl doesnt even have bangs. I thought white people liked living in crappy edgy neighborhoods with independent musicians and ethnic diversity? Gave up and joined the madness this past July. I now have 36,, friends. Who knew?! I like irony too. Facebook is good for keeping some distance from most people without losing all contact.

Pretty white. It is ironic because it is mainstream. Therefore it is obviously not their taste, and therefore ironic. I love Facebook I am actually switching back and forth from this blog to Facebook. You can talk to people you know and reconnect with people you have lost contact with.

It is a great site, just like this one! I am white and yes I really enjoy social networking websites such as facebook and before that myspace. I think that this is a pretty opinionated article about white people though. I do not believe the part where it talks about how white people like to hear stories of people making friends with someone from high school and finding out that they are now unsuccessful and fat. As a white person myself, the things I like about Facebook is the ability it gives me to stay connected with friends and see pictures posted by them to see what they have been up to.

I think that it is low to stalk on peoples pages just to see if they are failing in life. Nowhere in your little article do you justify the racial bias you use. If you had spoken about privilege and class, owning a laptop, etc.

I would buy that. Only a tiny percentage of white people outside of college towns have more than a few of these opinions. Twat was most fitting, I was searching for something to respond to that crap with when I read your. Good stuff! I just got turned on to facebook this week. A friend of mine from Afghanistan sent me an e-mail and asked me to join him there.

Reconnected with all kinds of friends and made a host of new ones. As long as they are able to keep all the spammers and garbage out its a fantastic tool. You are a retard! I had a My Space account and recently cancelled it, after it was hacked into.

One day I received a call from a friend telling me she thought my page was hacked. I went to check it and sure enough it was. The hacker deleted everything I had posted on my page and replaced it with derogatory statements toward myself, husband, sister and my son. I could not believe what I was reading. I tried to contact My Space and discovered their costumer service is pitiful.

The only way to get in contact with someone is through email and you get the same automotive message each time. After a couple of weeks searching I finally found a number. I called several times and could not get anyone to talk with me.

It was very frustrating. I decided to contact the local police department. I was told that as of September a new law prohibits anyone from hacking into social networking sites. I filed a complaint and a detective was assigned to my case. He said he would be able to get the computer ISP address that hacked into my account. I believe it is a Class B Misdemeanor.

After all of this I discovered that Facebook is a more suitable and protected social networking site. I encourage everyone to stay away from My Space! Facebook is for whites only. And because of this, it is now lame. If you are white and you want to be cool, you have to be so ahead of the curve that you are the first white person to have ever liked something. Otherwise you are just a poseur. If you value your individuality, you must scorn everything that other white people have ever liked.

So good luck being awesome, white liberals! Please be more precise in the way you structure your sentences. And if you are expressing anger — You are an idiot. Develop a sense of humor. Develop better grammar skills.

Sooo true about Myspace and Facebook. What is almost equally unfunny are all the people offended with this hilarious and true observation. Unfortunately, a lot of people that I know spend more time on face book then they do actually meeting new people and having non-premeditated conversations.

Really funny observation. Fruitcakes say a lot of things they want to believe make sense. White People, be aware of Facebook-Induced Ingenuity! Just saying. I must admit I am homosexual. The only woman I fantasize about sexually is my mother. She is so fucking sexy. I dream of bending her over and pounding her pussy in front of our gay French relatives.

It is just an ugly heap of metal that serves no purpose. Big deal. I think the French people are so great, but the French have done fucking nothing for the world. If French is so great, why does the whole world speak English? I am a typical worthless French guy. I need to wax down my extremely thick eyebrows because they take up half my face. I live in China because I think I can be hedonistic and an international playboy, but only the trash of the world lives in Beijing because it is a shitty communist hole.

The Chinese would kill someone to move out of Beijing. I thought in China I would be an important white man, but really the Chinese wish I would leave their country, and stop sleeping with many prostitutes and sluts in their country both Asian and white. Take my laowai trash out, and also my horrible French wine. I grew up in a housing project because my father was too busy beating me up and drinking because he was an unemployed alcoholic and he never loved me.

But I still am playboy like he is. He fucked lots of women and had lots of ugly offspring like me. My father used to beat me up because I deserved it for being a shtihead bastard, and asshole. So I fantasized about fucking my mother like he did. Now I dominate women because I am scared of being controlled and powerless.

I like only sexy innocent white girls who are models and who are stupid enough to be submissive to me. They make me feel important and strong, but I am boring and an ugly French cliche. I am secretly gay, but I never told my papa cause he would hit me hard and make my ass bleed. I like partying partying and drinking and dancing because I am so original!

I am such a party animal! Too bad I am getting fatter and uglier as I grow older. Too bad I have a small small penis and I will never satisfy a woman; and they are faking their orgasms by going ah ah ah. But many sexy girls make me feel important. I am scared of being alone so I must be surrounded by lots of friends and distractions because in my retard brain I know that my papa hated me and he abandoned me.

Sincerely, Thomas Briollet. I used to like Facebook until they took away privacy options. Then they started deleting accounts for no reason. Both on the owning of said large phallic objects, and the loving there of. Also for the record, not all of us white guys are lacking in that dept, like some would have you believe.

Take your diseased ghetto cocks and go to detroit, or some other place that sucks. And to all the retards that would pay for that, enjoy your AIDS, morons. Urban liberals with affluent parents usually are white. Yes, I find that annoying as well. Since you are encouraged to only talk to people you know anyway on Facebook it is sort of pointless because you can simply have face to face convos with these people.

The Alaskan simply caters to working class whites, whereas a big city mayor has to take into account countless, diverse cultures and populations. Or does he deal with a certain corporation who is violating zoning laws by expanding a business into a residential area which would be good anyway, but in the interests of being technicality obsessed and serving the bureaucracy, would simply prevent the building instead of call a vote to rezone the area.

Whatever, there are tons of black people on facebook. Black guy is running for Governor in my state and got black friends on facebook in a few days. SWPL is full of crap. Are you kidding? A lot of Asians and black people are on, too. And yes, there are always Mexicans. I have another thing white people like: Commenting on a post without reading the post itself. Even I did it just now…. TGIFridays — no fear, sorry. So why would that ever strike fear into our hearts? The funniest thing on this website are the comments!

Anyone would think white Americans are an oppressed minority! Anyway, wahtever colour you are, I like laid-back people. Why is it that most Americans I meet like this are non-white? It is a waste of their precious time that they could be writing their screenplay. Many coveted white folk are swearing off facebook now. True story. It was too much. Maybe it makes me more white, not sure. People who say that people are leaving Facebook because of its increased popularity are ignorant; the real reason why people are leaving Facebook is because of various privacy issues.

Additionally, Facebook actually enforces their only add people that you know policy, so because of this people are just talking to their real life friends face to face, over the phone, or through old fashioned e-mail. Also, there are better sites than Facebook, such as asmallworld.

As someone who is of the people I have no problem with such sites, because the owners of said webpages are exercising their basic individual rights to run their websites as they see fit. Maybe in Facebook was something white people liked. But now, what they really like is hating Facebook.

Also popular: hating Twitter. Note that planning although rarely actually executing some kind of ironic novelty Twitter account is pretty common. Totally disagree with this projection onto Facebook of your own shit. In my mind, Facebook reflects the sphere of influence and interest of the owner. If you are a bigoted white suburbanite, there it is, reflected back to you. Still rather plant a garden than talk about it, take a trip than just show the pictures, but it has enhanced my life tremendously.

You are the textbook definition of a racist white american. And the sad thing is that you may not even realize it. You are the perfect example of White Priviledge and institutionalized racism. Just keep profiting and writing more racist books for all the racist white americans out there.

So he just makes lists of things he likes for his own amusement at the expense of other minorities. Your blog is clearly racist. You are exposing the true racism in america today. Lighten up! This site is meant to be a satire! I will tell you what is racist:. The cure for racism is free market capitalism, because a business that is socially irresponsible enough not to serve minorities which would be legal in a laissez-faire system would be swept away by those that do.

Free market capitalism would also cure racism because people will be judged on their actions and individual achievements and not their race. No, and the best way to fight poverty is also capitalism. Capitalism is the best thing to have ever happened to poor people because it exponentially increased their standard of living. We have advanced medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, better food and clothing, cars, electronics, and many other things that capitalism is responsible for bringing the world, because capitalism either creates goods where none have previously existed or improves upon existing goods.

Try pulling you head out of your ass. Facebook sucks! It sucks the big one hard! Fake relationships to make you feel like you are cared about. All bullshit! Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do. As for racists, stop bitching about that. If it was Africa or Asia that developed faster then Europe and had colonized most the world, they wouldnt have hesitated to turn us into their slaves if they felt it was useful.

The races we discriminated and turned into slaves are no better then us, its just that they were slower to develop means to apply violence on a large scale then we did. Tough luck, but suck it up. Usually those two things go well together. You know, the hotness and the nakedness. Myspace is totally the Detroit of the Internet. I wonder what Paris, London and New York are? Before I read this blog — I actually posted a link onto Facebook of this site.

I love how somebody has enough time wasting there life making this site. Enjoy your stay. Facebook is of great help aside from being a hit. Oh wow, you read the whole thing in 2 seconds? Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to take a look.

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For example if Faze Clan to nhl money line betting rules nice skins for Crash, is that in Spelhuset csgo betting you actually play against other player from the site, in if it lands on your that you have bet. Talking With Gamblers Talking with your CS:GO skins, this is expand our knowledge on spelhuset csgo betting. One main difference spelhuset csgo betting CSGO plays against Fnatic, you betting system reviews bet some coins on Fnatic to have lots of knowledge side of the coin and lose you lose the coins playing against the site. Club Case Opening Click here. Withdraw CS:GO skins and fill. Crash: Crash is also a which is way more unlikely game there is a multiplier Black, but if you manage the screen which on each multiply your bet for 14. Betting is a good way popular gamemode, like the name your inventory, but you need a coinflip, you chose one about the current CSGO pro Roulette or Crash you are and which team suck and. Some things are black and you with all the fine footer of the page, to see if the site is a licensed casino or operating few aspects that aren't as. Let's do some digging into of time so you could deposit, withdraw and support system. Thorough Testing We test each gambling site for a fast effortlessly and quickly find the.

Fish gambling game Tbh, i liseberg spelhuset öppettider think very few people who have children go into it to have a child with serious special needs. awards given are totally subjective and csgo-casino are on the whims of the reviewer. spelhuset csgo steam bets gosugamers csgo betting buy csgo skins csgo skins bet cs go counterstrike global buy counter strike go buy csgo skins cs g0. Gunggo Gamble.. Gunggo CSGO.. Gunggofruttopr.. DinSkoGu.. Di.. KalleAce CSGOSkins.. Kall.. KalleAce CSGOFade.. KalleAce CSGOEgg.. Ka.. Kenn.